We believe life is best lived in balance. This includes those simple, yet all-important, pleasures that are so often forgotten in today's fast-paced world. You know the ones… reading books, eating cheese, watching the sun set. Many of which can be done with a glass of wine in hand. That's why we think that, sometimes, it should be less about the wine itself and more about what the wine represents.

We've created easy-drinking wine styles that are ready to please. Whatever the occasion.

So stop what you are doing. Take a breath, maybe do some yoga, and definitely drink some wine.

About Us

Wine for Yoga Lovers is a collaboration between South Australian wine grape growers, CMV Farms and Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar of Last Lemon.

Last Lemon

Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar are the brains behind the creative studio, Last Lemon, creating countless properties including their best known illustrative works, Happiness Is and Harold’s Planet. All Wine for Yoga Lovers artwork is copyright of Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar.

CMV Farms

CMV Farms is the agricultural division of CMV Group, a family-owned and operated South Australian business since 1934. The family’s vineyard is in Langhorne Creek, South Australia where CMV Farms have been significant contract grape growers since 1998.

Meet the Team

Harold The Star

Shhh… don’t tell him we said that!

Always one for appreciating the simple pleasures in life, you’ll find Harold exploring the world doing all the things he loves and all the things that YOU love too.

Best known for his balance, Harold not only has outstanding flexibility and yoga prowess, but has also mastered that ever-elusive life balance; while he’s certainly a dedicated and hard-working team member, he also relishes in taking it easy and enjoying a crossword with wine – and maybe even some cheese – by the fireplace.

Reminding us daily to stop and take a breath, Harold keeps the team in balance by giving us a little laugh each day.

Peter Pollard The Winemaker

At a young age, Peter developed a love for the wine industry.

After studying a winemaking degree at the University of Adelaide, Peter went on to work for major wineries throughout South Australia and even worked a vintage abroad in Sonoma Valley, California in 2001.

Following his travels, Peter joined Langhorne Creek Winery as Assistant Winemaker and today operates as Senior Winemaker at what is now Project Wine.

Being a winemaker by trade, Peter obviously loves wine, but to keep his life in balance Peter enjoys cricket, football and catching up with family and friends.

Phil Reilly The Viticulturalist

A farmer by nature, Phil has been our viticulturist at CMV Farms since 2002.

Talking to Phil about the upcoming vintage, you wouldn’t be far off in mistaking the vines as his babies! Understanding the need to look after the land we reap, Phil is the driver behind our native revegetation program across the property.

If he’s not in the vineyard or tending to his garden, you might be lucky enough to catch him for a yarn down at the local watering hole, maybe with a local lager in his hand and most certainly with a glass of Langhorne Creek Shiraz close by!

Pip Crawford The Marketer

With strong family roots in wine and her first taste of it at 5, Pip knew from a young age where she wanted to be when she grew up.

After graduating from her winemaking degree at the University of Adelaide in 2011, Pip moved overseas to spread her wings and became so fascinated by the world of marketing that she spent the next few years exploring it.

Settling back into Adelaide in 2016, Pip began work for her family business, CMV Farms.

While she is known to be rather clumsy, she is an expert at saving her drink first. She also has a talent for being able to amuse herself quite well on her own, and can’t believe the average person only laughs seventeen times a day. Cheers to changing that!

Molly Griffin The Junior Marketer 

Moving to Adelaide in 2016 to study a marketing degree at the University of South Australia, Molly started with us in 2018 and has her hands full while she finishes the last of her studies.

She found that a career in the wine marketing industry was the perfect way to dive into her passion for wine as well as allowing her to be creative on a daily basis. She is responsible for the social side of Wine for Yoga Lovers, keeping our social media accounts up to date, writing blogs and engaging with customers.

Molly learned early on that wine bottles don’t bounce and often regrets her combined love of white outfits, red wine and propensity to trip over things that aren’t there.

Ralph & Lisa Lazar The Creators

The creative brains behind Last Lemon®, Lisa & Ralph are happiest found travelling to remote parts of the world and spending time in their home country of South Africa.

Vastly talented, Lisa studied Politics & Economics at Oxford University while Ralph took a degree in Law at the University of Cape Town.

They established Last Lemon in 1999, initially as a licensing vehicle for their first project, Harold’s Planet, which continues to house the Yoga for Wine Lovers illustrations.

Maintaining a light-hearted view of the world, Harold’s Planet has brought joy to so many around the world and they are excited to continue this through Wine for Yoga Lovers.

Photo credit Karen Stead Baigrie.

The Region

Langhorne Creek
South Australia's best kept secret

Named after Henry and Alfred Langhorne, who drove cattle overland to the region in the 1840’s, Langhorne Creek was founded on farming and today, holds a rich history in South Australian agriculture.

With the first vines planted in the 1860’s and a winemaking history spanning back six generations, the region is now home to some of the oldest vines in Australia and continues to produce high-quality red and white wines today.

An intimate country town, only an hour’s drive south east of Adelaide, we are proud to be South Australia’s undiscovered wine region. Situated on the Fleurieu Peninsula, the region is blessed with ideal conditions for the substantial production of red and white varieties.

The cooling effect from the nearby Lake Alexandrina, the largest lower lake of the Murray River, assists with developing wine of great depth and character.

Recognising the excellent growing conditions, especially for premium red varieties, CMV Farms have been growers in the region since 1998 and are proud to add to the strong family heritage of Langhorne Creek.

Sustainable Growing
Entwine Australia – supporting a sustainable wine industry

What is Entwine?

Entwine is the Australian wine industry’s national sustainability program – set up to support growers and winemakers in demonstrating and improving the sustainability of their businesses. Entwine is endorsed by the industry peak bodies Wine Grape Growers Australia, the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia and Wine Australia.

What we do?

As a responsible and significant wine producer, CMV Farms has shared values with the principles of Entwine. As a member of Entwine Australia, CMV Farms is committed to sustainable growing practices and only produce wines that meet the highest environmental, social, and economic care standards.