Why you need crushable wine cups in your life TODAY!

What’s resilient, flexible, versatile and super stylish? You of course… and that perfect lover you keep swiping right to find.

But if you want to guarantee your next life partner harbors all of these virtues, and more, look no further than the crushable wine cup. FREE with your #W4YL wine purchase this month only!

It won’t complain, it can go everywhere with you, and will always leave you feeling a glass half full.

Here are the top three reasons why you need a crushable wine cup in your life TODAY!

No more broken glass to kill the party buzz

We all have that friend who gets a little wild at the party.

If you know, or you are, that friend you’ll also understand that more often than not animated hand gestures used while explaining the latest tall tale, or overzealous dance moves on the DF, will result with the sound of glass shattering.

We don’t need to go into detail about the issues broken glass causes at parties – EMERGENCY ROOM – but with crushable wine cups you’ll never be caught again with a dustpan and broom in hand cleaning up the spills.

Made from silicon, these cups are unbreakable and will never crack – so you can dance, laugh, swill, spill and even throw them without fear!

When you CBF carrying your glass around at festivals

You’ve finished drinking your wine at that summer festival and want to get on your friend’s shoulders to rock out to the next song – but what do you do with that pesky glass?

Crushable wine cups are the answer!

These cups fold and bend – if we were that damn flexible we’d be in the front row of every yoga class – so you can shove them into your back pocket or inside your clutch and get groovin’ anytime, anywhere!

For your next outdoorsy event

We love camping, picnics at the park and long lazy days at the beach – with a great bottle of wine, of course!

But bringing glasses along for the ride is never fun.

Firstly, there’s a risk that they’ll break in our picnic baskets or backpacks, and secondly, they take up all the valuable space we need for all of our wine and delicious food.

Worse still, many of us resort to placcy fantacky when planning our outdoor drinking sessions, which doesn’t only look bad – hello Kath and Kim –  it’s also terrible for the environment.

Crushable wine cups can be flattened to take up less room, are unbreakable, reusable and look seriously classy – so your next outdoor adventure will be footloose and fancy-free!

So be the envy of all your mates, and get the life partner you deserve! Receive two crushable wine cups for FREE with your #W4YL wine purchase!