Everything you need to know about Grenache Shiraz

Let’s be real, Grenache and Shiraz go together like Instagram and puppy videos, like the Kardashians and selfies, like warm pyjamas and hot chocolate on a rainy winter night… alright the second point is questionable but you get the message. They go together so incredibly well, we couldn’t resist making one of our own, with our Wine for Yoga Lovers Grenache Shiraz!

So, before you dive in – let’s get a little geeky (wine geeky is the best kind of geeky). The Grenache grape is a dark-skinned variety, generally used to produce lean and medium bodied red and rose styles. Although the variety actually originated in Spain (you’d be more familiar with those delicious little numbers labelled as Garnacha), France now has the most acreage of the variety planted, with its claim to fame as the key variety of some of the most iconic wines in the world, the great Châteauneuf-du-Pape’s of the Rhône Valley. 

The variety is extremely versatile depending on which style of wine you find it in, you’ll get characters ranging from black cherry, strawberry, and raspberry through to white pepper, earthy spice, and anise. Us South Australians can’t help but jazz a style up with a bit of Shiraz (word of life advice, if in doubt just add Shiraz), so our Grenache Shiraz is a 60:40 blend, with the 40% Shiraz adding weight to the palate which strengthens the body of its already berry-fruit forward character.

Right, that is definitely enough geeking for now – we got a little carried away! Dang, we’re hungry.

Our Grenache Shiraz is definitely our lighter-more-fruit-forward red wine and we find it extremely drinkable (sometimes a little too drinkable) with salt and pepper popcorn on the couch – especially on a Friday after a long week… You know the feeling. It also goes brilliantly with herby meat dishes (think lemon and thyme roast chicken, OMFG – yum) and hook us up with a vegetarian curry any day of the week.

Fun fact for you! If you serve your Grenache slightly chilled it can help combat the effects of spicy food on the palate. I.E. if you’re a bit worried about how much curry paste you just put in that Thai Green Curry maybe have an emergency bottle on hand, can’t hurt.

Remember though, the most important ingredient for a perfect pairing is family and friends. Honestly, can you think of anything better than a Sunday roast and a bottle (or two) of red to share? We can’t! Bring it on.

In 2010, at the Grenache Symposium (yes, a real thing) they created #GrenacheDay the official day in celebration of Grenache! #GrenacheDay happens on the 3rd Friday of September every year, so schedule your day off and get ready for a whole day of sipping Grenache! Yes please! I think we can handle that...

Now that we have absolutely geeked you out to the maximum with Grenache Shiraz facts, grab a bottle and impress your house guests/partner/uninterested pet/fiddle leaf with how much you know about Grenache!

Till next time folks, enjoy xo