How to stop living for the weekend!

We are all guilty of it… letting our weekdays slip by while we get caught up in routine (and emails) waiting for the weekend to arrive. Living for a time where we can sleep in, wear comfy clothes and indulge in some good wine and food with our nearest and dearest.


While we know that the 9-5 is mandatory for most of us (we’ve got to afford that sushi somehow), we here at W4YL believe that every day should be worth looking forward to. Admittedly, we’re moving pretty slow first thing in the morning, so not too much is getting done before work other than coffee and trying to find matching socks. So we are going to focus on weeknights and how you can make Tuesday the new Saturday.


Do some exercise

… But don’t make it feel like a chore! Suss around your local area and see what’s on offer that will be both fun and let you sweat off that busy day. It’s a great way to both relieve some stress and feel great afterwards.

Tip: Try something you would never normally try like Zumba or soul cycle. Invite some girlfriends and then get a bite to eat afterwards.


Try a new hobby

What a thrill coming home with a fresh ball of yarn to kick off a new craft project, or finally getting all those photos from 2014 together to put in that scrapbook you’ve always wanted to start. Starting a new hobby is a great way to de-stress after a tough day, and who knows… you could even have a hidden talent for knitted beanies (if this happens, we will send you our address and we’ll accept knitted goods as a thank you for inspiring you via our blog).


Learn something

Take a class or course at night! Learn a new language, get an online social media degree, discover a new love of yoga, explore some new blogs or get ideas for your next holiday! Spending your free time educating yourself on things that interest you could not only be fun but might be the gateway into some new interests and passions.


Visit a relative or old friend

Isn’t it great to finally catch up with that old friend over a drink or dinner? It can be hard to find the drive to get back out the door after a long day, but become a ‘yes’ person to those invitations and you won’t regret it. Those extra hours at night are the perfect time to squeeze in unexpected catch ups with loved ones, and something you can both look forward to! Why save all the fun for the weekend?

Tip: Strapped for cash? A home-cooked meal with a bottle of W4YL wine could be the perfect way to catch up without spending a fortune!


Start a new series

Ok, we don’t like to admit it but sometimes knowing that you get to go home, put your PJs on and watch some good quality Netflix can actually improve your mood during the day (especially when you can order some delish Uber Eats to go with it).

Out with the old and in with the new we always say, so why not take the time to start a new series? While it may not be the most productive of tasks, some nights we just don’t have it in us and need some R&R. So instead of watching that old Gossip Girl re-run or The Notebook for the 100th time, try something new like an edgy sci-fi thriller or documentary miniseries. You might surprise yourself. 


On your way home tonight plan what you can do to make your weeknight extra great!