Renting? All the tips and tricks for creating a movable garden.

In 2018, we all saw our socials blow up with the #plantlady trend. Combine that with the healthy eating and wellness movement, millennials everywhere seemingly grew green thumbs overnight. There is nothing quite like the proud moment your Fiddle grows a new leaf!

Keeping insta-worthy plants in your house with access to fresh herbs and veggies daily does sound amazing, but when you don’t own your home, it can make gardening a little bit thorny...

Indoor plants are hard because, for the most part, they require a very strict care schedule. They need water but if you over water them they die instantly; they don’t like air-conditioning but will wither away if they get too warm and they need a bit of sunlight, but too much sunlight? You guessed it, DEAD! Are we talking about a fiddle leaf or a needy toddler?? Basically, the same thing.

Planting a fun veggie patch in a rental garden means that not only do you lose all your invested money in the garden - but you're also likely to lose your bond (not recommended). But have no fear millennial-green-thumb-renter (coolest super hero name ever ps), we have some tips for creating great moveable gardens.

Create a mobile garden bed.

If you’re planning to rent for the foreseeable future (not willing to give up my $22 avo smash THANK YOU VERY MUCH), investing in making a mobile and portable garden bed is a great way to get your garden started.

Making them yourself is possible (but can be a little tricky if you lack the nack for a hammer, and can add up quickly by the time you've gathered all the materials). We'd recommend perusing the aisles of Bunnings (and grabbing yourself a snag at the same time) as they have a pretty good selection at reasonable prices. That way you can spend hours sipping Rosé gazing at your insta-worthy garden instead of slaving over the construction of it!

We love the mini galv tank gardens which are perfect for a small space and great for herbs, veggies and cute flower beds. You can fancy them up yourself with some paint to make them suit your individual style.

Pots, pots, and more pots.

Whether you are looking for inside plants or outdoor plants, pots are your best friend. They are so affordable and there are some seriously adorable ones you can choice from. If you like a bit of a styled bargain, go on the hunt through garage sales, thrift stores and markets in search for cute second-hand vintage pots. Time poor? Ikea and Target will sort you out.

If you are looking for predominately indoor plants, utilize baskets. Make sure to pop a plate or clay tray underneath to catch water. As we mentioned some indoor plants can be needy little things so make sure to check their growing conditions before settling on your indoor friends.

Hanging pot holders.

Hanging rope pot holders are an amazing and extremely simple way to glam up a rental and can be used for inside and outside plants. Kmart have a huge variety for some insanely affordable prices (seriously though, while researching for this blog my cart is full of plant related Kmart purchases #sorry #notsorry). If you have a creative flair and some spare time on your hands you can have a crack at making your own, all you need is some sturdy rope, some scissors and patience (we have none of those things so we will take the Kmart option). Invest in some hooks that can stick instead of needing to be screwed in to protect that all important bond - just remember to get the right weight! Nothing worse than a falling pot disaster...

Polystyrene Boxes.

Less glam but very affordable and very practical are polystyrene boxes. You’ll likely be able to find them for free at places like fruit and veg stores and plant nurseries. The perfect home for herbs, leafy greens and tomatoes. Super versatile and portable, moving them around depending on the needs of your mini crop is a piece of cake. One thing to ensure is that you have some holes in the bottom of the box to ensure that water drains out.

When your green rental sanctuary is complete sit back reep the rewards of your hard work with a refreshing Moscato cocktail garnished with mint from your very own garden!

Happy planting xo