Shiraz- The Golden Child

Let’s be real, wine and cheese won’t solve all your problems but neither will milk and salad so we reckon Shiraz is definitely the tastiest answer to most of life's dilemmas.

BBQ wine? Shiraz.

Popcorn and Netflix wine? Shiraz.

Birthday wine? Shiraz.

Sorry your cat lived its ninth life (to the fullest might we just add) wine… Shiraz.

The reason? Well, Shiraz is the golden child of the wine family (you know the one, perfect grades, good hair, all the grandparents favourite). Over here at Wine for Yoga Lovers HQ we are a bunch of wine nerds and find that when you’ve got a bottle of Shiraz in your hands, it's also super handy to have a few geeky facts up your sleeve. What’s better than a bottle of wine? A lecture to match… not! We promise we’ll keep them fun.

Shiraz (also known as Syrah) is a dark-skinned variety and generally creates medium to full-bodied red wines. Australia is home to some of the oldest Shiraz vines in the world dating back to 1843. Fast forward a few years and in 2018, Shiraz is now the wine that Australia is best known for, and is grown in almost all our major wine regions.

Shiraz vines are extremely adaptable things - being able to grow in both cool and warm climates (an easy going, low maintenance grape - kind of like what you look for in a boyfriend, are we right ladies!?). Our Wine for Yoga Lovers Shiraz is grown in Langhorne Creek, South Australia where the conditions are excellent for growing red wine varieties due the cool breeze brought in by nearby Lake Alexandrina. This helps the grapes chill out and ripen slowly during the dry summer – giving great depth of flavor. Nothing like a little electric fan to keep the beads of sweat away when the mercury peaks!

The flavour profile of Shiraz depends a lot on the climatic growing conditions. In a cooler climate, you will expect to get hints of white pepper, and red berry fruits like raspberry and cherry. As the temperature starts to rise, you will find darker fruit flavours like blackberry, mulberry, and black plum. We can totally include that in our daily fruit intake, right? Surely…

Our Wine for Yoga Lovers Shiraz is a medium to full-bodied style which means it is intensely colored with a complex aroma of fruit characters. (Hint: Say the words “complex aroma of fruit characters” when sipping on Shiraz to sound like you really know what you are talking about). #fakeittillyoumakeit

Food pairing for a Shiraz is simple. What’s taking your fancy? It’s as versatile at the table as it is in the vineyard. A Shiraz is the perfect BBQ wine because of how perfectly it pairs with most meats, from roast chook to pepper-marinated steak – swipe right, it’s a match. When it comes to your grazing platter, go for a hard or strong cheese, the flavours compliment seamlessly. 

Look, we’re not about to harp on about how red wine is good for you because we all know alcohol ain’t (thanks a lot science) but in case you are trying to choose between a Pina Colada and a Shiraz –we suggest the red wine (we are not bias and reject such allegations). There are a wide range of suggested ‘health benefits’ associated with wine – the anthocyanins (all the other stuff that makes up the colour and taste) are suggested to help prevent heart disease, cancer, strokes and help improve brain function.  Always in moderation of course! #lifeinbalance

We were shocked to learn that there isn't an international Shiraz day! There is a Cabernet day, a Merlot day, a Grenache day and even a Tempranillo Day, but no Shiraz day! Clearly, the wine needs no promotion and we certainly need no excuse to sip away at a glass but some appreciation would be nice for the most popular Australian variety – what a travesty – we might just have to declare our own day.

Cheers to that!