Thinking of adopting a fiddle? Here's what you need to know!

This year’s must have home accessory isn’t a pink Kmart chair or a live, laugh, love wall canvas (seriously ladies throw them out, it’s over). No, this year’s must-have is none other than the humble fiddle leaf fig tree.

The pop of colour brightens any simple room or university dorm and they are oh-so Instagram-able. Costing anywhere between $30 to $100 depending on maturity, they are not your common care-free house plant (how I killed that cactus I will never know).

So here are a couple of tips on how to make your first fiddle adoption look like you are an au naturel mother and how to keep them looking amazing all year round.


1. Buy your fiddle from your reputable local nursery.

You can trust that Shirley down at the local independent nursery has a genuine love of plants and has given your fiddle tree all the love it needed in its early life. She should also be able to answer all your fiddle-related questions and give some solid advice on care.

2. Give your fiddle a shining start and put in some light.

Fiddles love to be in the spotlight (don’t we all) and thrive best when they receive plenty of sunshine throughout the day.Make sure your fiddle isn’t in the way of any direct sunlight because this could damage the leaves. For example, the ideal place for your fiddle is in front of a large window not in the middle of your backyard.

3. Feed it, care for it… but not too much.

Your fiddle will only need to be fertilised a handful of times a year. Over-fertilising can make plants look stringy and may eventually kill it. Try giving it fertiliser once in the spring time and once a month over the summer-time.

4. Water it habitually. Like seriously.

The fiddle takes routine to THE next level. Like I mean, water it the same amount - at the same time - each week. You can try to keep an eye on its soil moisture but honestly, as a wanna-be green thumb, what’s that? Depending on your precious fiddle’s size, load it up with one to two cups of water a week.

5. Ok so funny story… I bought a fiddle, loved it, and now I’m pretty sure I killed it. What do I do?

Happens to the best of us.

Firstly, make sure you aren’t watering it too much, they REALLY need to be kept on a solid routine. If you are giving it too much water it may drown. Also, make sure you always dry the leaves off. No one likes a drip-dry after a refreshing shower.

Never leave it in the dark for long periods of time. Going away? Either arrange for a fiddle-sitter or find a permanent spot in your home where it will receive consistent indirect sunlight even when you are on vacay.

Make sure your fiddle isn’t in any direct blast-zone of airconditioners or heaters, they do not like too much artificial air.


So yes, as you can see – our beloved fiddle leaf trees can be total divas, but like our high-maintenance husbands, we love them anyway. And well, let’s be honest, when lush and thriving, they do look completely amazing.


Happy planting xo