Wine Drinkers- The Best Kind of People

Wine drinkers are a diverse group of people but no two are the same. Some will talk your ear off about tannin and acidity while others will sip on whatever’s on offer and not even glance at the region or variety. We have compiled a list of the top 5 most common wine drinkers:

The “smarter than you” wine drinker.

You know the one, laughs when you say you haven’t tried a 1983 merlot (the one they got given for an 18th birthday gift when everyone else got pink Moscato). When you recommend a nice drop, they will absolutely say it’s just “ok.” Always sniffing when sniffing isn’t appropriate and swirling wine around in their mouths during dinner making weird slurping sounds.

You will find them:  At a vintage cellar, questioning the shop assistant’s knowledge.

The “worldly” wine drinker

“I had this amazing Beaujolais in Paris, have you ever been? It’s great, other wine just tastes average to me now” This fun individual went on a Contiki to Europe and now has a passion for French champagne and all things exotic.

You will find them: Posting to Instagram a picture of a travel guide with the caption “been seriously bitten by the travel bug.”

The “stuck in their ways” wine drinker

The “stuck in their ways” wine drinker flat refuses to try anything other than the house white. They simply aren’t fazed and couldn’t care less about the region or variety that the wine is, they also don’t want to waste their hard-earned money on trying something new they may not enjoy. This fun individual more often than not has an epiphany later on in life and finds the wine menu a fun and enjoyable place to spend time.

You will find them:  Sprinting with blinders on towards the Sauvignon Blanc aisle to ensure they don’t run out of their usual.

The “dedicated” wine drinker.

The wine drinker who is committed to maintaining a wine-based lifestyle. Every social event should be paired with a glass of rosé, and every celebration should be paired with a glass of bubbly. The life of the party, you know exactly what they are planning to bring to a dinner party and you can expect a fine bottle of easy drinking Shiraz as a birthday gift.

You will find them: Organizing a wine tour to celebrate buying a new toaster. 

The “Wine for Yoga Lovers” wine drinker

The “Wine for Yoga Lovers” wine drinker knows that living a balanced life is the key to success. Never taking anything too seriously they are always down for a sweaty yoga class followed by a long lunch featuring a bottle of their favorite wine.

You will find them: Sipping on Sangiovese Rosé from a crushable cup on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Did you spot your drinking style? Let us know which one you are!